Mike Schell - 6 Level Pad

Mike Schell
President, Coal Creek Construction
Golden Wonder Mine Operator

MSHA Certificate of Achievement in Safety

Golden Wonder Mine
Coal Creek Construction
Small Underground Metal Group

Coal Creek Construction has more than 35 years experience in all phases of general construction including light commercial, electrical, network cable systems, residential and municipal projects. In May of 2010 Coal Creek was selected to conduct LKA’s exploration program at the Golden Wonder and participate in the mine’s development. The Company employs personnel experienced in all phases of underground mining, blasting, drilling, mine contruction, and mine saftey planning & training (MSHA Certified Instructor).

In the brief period that Coal Creek has served as mine operator, the Company has extended the mine’s previously-known production zones through lateral and vertical extensions between and below the mine’s working levels. As part of the current exploration program, Coal Creek has mined, crushed and shipped thirty-seven bulk ore samples containing 4,573 ounces of gold (gross value of $5.1 million at time of sale) which has offset the majority of LKA’s exploration expenses to date. Coal Creek continues to compile information vital to re-establishing the mine’s reserves and developing a better understanding of the Golden Wonder high-grade vein system.

Michael Schell, Coal Creek’s President, holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder