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Kinross Discoveries at the Golden Wonder Mine

By November 3, 2018No Comments

Dear Shareholders & Friends,

I’ve attached a link to a new report by our project geologist, Rauno Perttu, explaining the huge importance of the Kinross discoveries above the Golden Wonder…and how we intend to maximize the opportunity. Here are some of the highlights;

First, we learned that there are at least six areas above the Golden Wonder mine that possess surface chemical signatures consistent with the original bonanza-grade ore deposit. This could confirm our long-held belief that the magma chamber that produced the original ore shoot wouldn’t/couldn’t produce just one high grade ore body…there are likely several.

Another major revelation is the location of these new surface indicators. All are located higher in elevation than the Golden Wonder. The most likely reason they were never previously explored is because their subsurface vein systems are covered with more overburden, progressively more, as we move up Gold Hill. Apparently, the same erosion process that uncovered the Golden Wonder outcrop, further down the hill, was not extensive enough to expose these deeper structures.

The limited Kinross drilling also confirmed that the Golden Wonder structure extends for a considerable distance up the hill, apparently up to two miles to the previously unknown caldera ring fault, and at approximately the same subsurface elevation as the original deposit. (The elevation of the Golden Wonder’s high grade system is referred to as the “boiling zone”).

As we prepare for the next drilling program we’re armed with some huge advantages that we didn’t have before. Preparations for drilling are underway now. For more specifics I encourage you to read Mr. Perttu’s report by clicking the icon below.

Send me an email if you have questions or comments.

Kye Abraham


R. Perttu Report  10-18


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