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October 14, 2014

We recently announced that the engineers at Maptekcompleted the first-ever, high resolution mapping of the underground workings of our Golden Wonder mine. Here are the reasons why it’s important and we’re making such a big deal of it:

First, it gives us a detailed view, in 3-D, of the original ore shoot and all of the high-grade structures we’ve extracted in the immediate area. While we’ve been able to see the mined areas before, through conventional maps and older 3-D models, we’ve never been able to look at the actual bending, pinching and swelling of the vein structures and how they line up precisely between the different levels of the mine. The resolution is so good in fact, that if you pinned a license plate to the rib (wall) of any of the mapped areas, you would be able to read the numbers and state of origin.

Secondly, for the first time we can see the likely high-grade targets in the immediate vicinity of our current mining operations. Ore grades in the Golden Wonder tend to rise with vein width and diminish when veins pinch. If we can see exactly where veins have widened, we’ve got a much better shot at predicting the location of the next high-grade zone. 

Thirdly, and this is the most exciting aspect of high-rez mapping, we get a glimpse of where and how the gold-enriched solutions flowed though the highly fractured volcanic vent system to form our first discovery (an ore shoot that produced over 133,000 ounces with an average grade of 16.01 ounces of gold per ton) and how the approach to the second, third, or fourth ore shoots may/should look. Remember, in these types of deposits, it is more likely than not that multiple ore shoots exist….just as there are multiple vents in a volcano.

Our next step will be an underground drilling program to shoot at those enticing new targets revealed by the high-rez mapping. We’ve already mobilized the drilling crew. Should have initial results in a couple weeks. 

  As always, you’re welcome to contact me directly with any questions or comments:

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