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Raising Drilling Money and Waiting for the Weather to Improve

By March 11, 2019No Comments

Dear Shareholders & Friends,

While we’re rounding up money and waiting for the weather to improve (extreme cold and snow drive up drilling costs significantly) I wanted to tell you that our largest shareholders, members of the Koski family, have already committed to cover up to $200,000 of our new drilling campaign. With another $150,000 from interested shareholders and outsiders we can comfortably test those tantalizing targets (possible new ore zones) identified by the Kinross geologists.

To raise this additional drilling money LKA will issue 7.5% debentures that will be convertible to common stock at $.15 per share. If we hit some double-digit assays indicative of another high-grade ore shoot LKA stock price could be expected to make a huge move to the upside AND attract the attention of other industry players….some of whom we’re talking to now.

For a project refresher, please look at the previous email update entitled: “Kinross Discoveries at the Golden Wonder Mine”

I also encourage all of you who haven’t already seen it to view the video history of this project entitled:
“The Greatest Treasure Hunt In The West”

Heading into spring with our drilling permits secured we’ll be getting started very soon.

Let me know if you have questions or think you would like to participate in the new financing.

Best regards,

Kye Abraham

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