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Why LKA Should Be A Part of Every Gold Portfolio

By October 15, 2015March 30th, 2017No Comments

Here are my reasons why everyone’s gold portfolio should hold a position in LKA Gold shares….even a modest one.

Project fundamentals: There are very few companies – actually I don’t know of ANY – engaged in gold exploration with a proven history of highly profitable gold production, a proven management team, and a property that has delivered the highest grades of gold ore in the Americas and still possesses open-ended exploration potential. LKA’s Golden Wonder mine has already yielded more than 141,000 ounces ($162 million at today’s prices) with a weighted average ore grade of 11.63 ounces of gold per ton. AND, over 7,800 of those ounces ($8.9 million) were extracted during exploration. AND, many experts believe this could be just the beginning, as these types of deposits tend to contain multiple high-grade ore shoots. We’ve only discovered and mined one thus far….on less than 5% of the property covered by our claims.

I won’t go into our production history here. You can find that in previous press releases and several places on this site. What gold stock investors really need to know is that if/when we discover another ore shoot like the last one, the market cap of this company could easily increase thirty-fold very quickly. If we discover multiple/bigger/richer ore zones even a 30X number could be just the beginning. Now, with the financial and technical resources of our new exploration partner, Kinross Gold USA, we’ve got a serious shot at finding “the source” – the feeder system of this rich deposit.

Explosive capital structure: To properly evaluate the potential of LKA shares, you need to know that there are fewer than 20 million shares issued and outstanding. Of those, nearly 12 million shares are held by the Abraham and Koski families or their affiliates. This means that upon announcement of another discovery, new investors will be bidding for the remaining 8 million shares in “the float”….with the majority of this held by long-term investors who understand the potential.

Conclusion: There’s still work to be done and risk a plenty. This is not a stock for the widows and orphans….or one on which you bet your retirement. But, LKA has all the ingredients speculators look for, or should look for, in a junior gold company. There’s Big, or in this case, a Very Rich production history, Proven management, Big industry partners, and Big Upside. If we “hit it,” you’re going to be thankful you bought even a small position when it was still cheap.

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