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“The Greatest Treasure Hunt in the West?”… Perhaps. 

Kye Abraham
President & Chairman

As we’ve discussed in recent press releases, through extensive surface work on LKA mining claims, Kinross geologists identified multiple, potential ore zones…actually six of them..not just the four sites slated for drilling this year and early next. Another gold discovery at any one of these locations would confirm our belief that the same geologic conditions that formed our first bonanza-grade ore shoot spawned several others…the tendency for these types of deposits. As I’ve discussed in previous updates, multiple ore bodies possessing anywhere near the size and grades of our first discovery would be a literal bonanza for LKA shareholders. Of course it’s going to take a considerable number of drill holes before a final assessment is made but we’ll start getting glimpses almost immediately.

For right now I’m focused on, and you should be too, the close proximity of these potential new ore zones to our existing infrastructure and the fact that they are all situated right on trend…just where we would expect to find them. The selection of the first four drill sites was influenced by permitting considerations (ease and speed) and their close-in locations….very near existing workings. You’ll get a better “visual” on all of this by clicking on these two images.

Kinross Drill Sites   

Potential Ore Bodies

For more commentary on this subject you should read my previous updates entitled “Why LKA Should Be a Part of Every Gold Portfolio” and Why a 150,000 oz Golden Wonder discovery beats anyone’s else’s 1.5 million ounce deposit.”

As always, you’re welcome to contact me directly with any questions or comments: info@lkagold.com
**To read these and all previous President’s Email Updates simply click on the “Archive” button below**

Mr. Abraham’s views and opinions may not reflect those of Kinross, regulatory authorities, or other gold industry members. His comments contain no material non-public information. This message is intended to provide investors and shareholders with management’s views and opinions of current operations, objectives, and industry conditions and may contain certain forward-looking statements. For more complete assessment of project and investor risk readers are encouraged to read the Company’s most recent public filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Mr. Abraham’s statements, projections, and opinions expressed in this message are made pursuant to the “safe harbor'” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the Bespeaks Caution Doctrine.

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