Feb 1, 2018 – LKA’s Ute-Ulay preservation efforts win 2018 State Historic Preservation Officer’s “Stephen H Hart Award.”



Oct. 26, 2017 – Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill site listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.


Ute-Ulay – The mine that made Lake City

Ute-Ulay Presentation by Hinsdale County – San Juan Mining Conference

Donation and Historic Preservation
Beginning in 2009, LKA initiated discussions with Hinsdale County, Colorado for the purpose of donating  its Ute-Ulay Mill and Town Site for historic preservation. Before the restoration program could begin, site remediation was undertaken by LKA and a consortium of public and private agencies.

The Ute-Ulay Site
The site includes the original miners’ boarding house, a blacksmith shop, several head frames, assay lab, powerhouse and mill buildings. Some of these structures date back to the late 1800’s when 250-300 miners worked the rich galena (silver) veins of the Ute and Ulay mines, the first significant discovery of silver in the district. The mines and mill were the primary catalyst for the establishment of Lake City, the seat of Hinsdale County, and home to most of the early miners from 1874-1940. Need to look at an individual’s joy free pokies.

This historic restoration project is, in many respects, unique in Colorado. It is a cooperative effort between LKA and the County as well as several state and federal agencies, namely, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, the Division of Reclamation Mining & Safety, BLM and EPA. Additionally, non-profit organizations like Colorado Art Ranch have played an important role in bringing together these diverse public and private groups to make this a reality.

LKA is proud to be involved in this unique project/effort to preserve this iconic symbol of the area’s rich mining heritage for the residents of Hinsdale County and the State of Colorado.

LKA CEO Discusses Ute-Ulay Donation at San Juan Mining Conference

Hinsdale County Commissioner, Stan Whinnery Discusses Ute-Ulay Project at San Juan Mining Conference April 2013