The Greatest Treasure Hunt in the West


    LKA Receives 2018 History Colorado Award For Historic Preservation 2-8-18
   LKA Insiders Continue to Accumulate Shares 1-28-18

The LKA Strategy

LKA acquires and develops properties in politically stable jurisdictions capable of yielding high profit margins even during volatile economic conditions. The Company looks for projects in advanced stages of exploration that can generate a cash flow within a relatively short period of time.

LKA is currently engaged in the search for another bonanza-grade ore body adjacent to one of the richest gold deposits in the Americas. During the Company’s ownership, an extraordinarily rich gold deposit was discovered, developed, and mined on LKA property yielding some of the highest ore grades of any commercial gold deposits in modern times. LKA’s Golden Wonder mine has a production history (Life Of Mine) of 141,510 ounces of gold at an astonishing average ore grade of 11.63 ounces (362 grams) gold per ton and costs, during commercial production, of less than $100 per ounce. Due to the unique geology of this deposit, LKA believes that one, or possibly several, more high-grade ore bodies may exist near the original discovery on its property.

Exploration is currently in the advanced stages and multiple zones possessing many of the same characteristics of the original discovery have been already been identified. Exploratory mining conducted by LKA crews (2009-2015) yielded over $5.1 million which has covered a large portion of the Company’s exploration cost to date. Extensive surface evaluation work and an initial drilling program has been conducted by Kinross Gold USA (2015-2017) and is expected to be followed up by LKA in 2018.

LKA has proven that, with the right properties and management team, enormous capital  investment and muti-decades of development are not necessarily required to achieve profitable gold production.

For Golden Wonder production and shipment records, mining videos, and geological reports go to “Golden Wonder Mine” on this website.

For more pictures with captions of mining operations click on “Operations”

LKA Issuer Presentation and Special Report

“Rarely will investors get the opportunity to join an experienced gold producer in the search for extensions to a bonanza-grade gold deposit…one of the richest in modern history.”     Kye Abraham, President



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Exploratory mining at LKA’s Golden Wonder mine yields exceptional gold grades (up to 78 ounces gold per ton) as the Company attempts to re-establish high-grade reserves and return the mine to commercial production. Recent surface exploration conducted by Kinross geologists identified up to six potential new ore zones on the Company’s claims. LKA believes this provides investors an unparalleled opportunity to participate with a proven, high-grade gold producer in what just may be “The Greatest Treasure Hunt In The West.”


Company Milestones

Q-3 2017 – Kinross drilling encounters most of same characteristics found in initial high-grade discovery. 
Q-1 2017 – Early Kinross drilling confirms extension of Golden Wonder structure 500′ beyond initial discovery
Q-4 2016
– Kinross commences drilling on four permitted sites.
Q-3 2016 – Kinross adds another site to 2016 drilling program.
Q-2 2016 – Kinross Gold locates six new potential high-grade zones adjacent to Golden Wonder mine.
Q-2 2015 – LKA and Kinross Gold USA sign exploration & option agreement.
Q-3 2014 – Completes $1.8 million in equity financing to expand exploration program and repurchase 3.5 million shares.
Q-2 2014 – Golden Wonder gold grades exceed anything seen thus far in current exploration program, 5.5 oz (171 grams) per ton.
Q-1 2013 – Golden Wonder exploration shipments up 90% over year-ago period.
Q-1 2013 – Completes donation of historic Ute-Ulay mill & townsite to Hinsdale County.
Q-1 2013 – Completes restructuring – name change & elimination of all long-term debt.
Q-4 2012 Second consecutive year of exploration profit (project level). Up 147%
Q-4 2012 – 2012 Gold sales from exploration up 100% over previous year.

Company Milestones

Q-3 2012 – LKA converts $1.5 million of debt to equity.
Q-2 2012 – Gold sales increase 337% over year-ago period as LKA records its second profitable quarter since exploration program began.
Q-2 2012 – First quarter deliveries of vein material up 183% over year-ago period. Grade continues to rise (2.48 oz per ton) as sales continue to cover expenses of Golden Wonder exploration program.
Q-4 2011 -Gold sales from exploration exceed $1.27 million and produce a profit at the “project level” for 2011.
Q-3 2011 – Gold sales from exploration result in first profitable quarter.
Q-1 2010 – Bulk sample of 128.6 tons shipped to Echo Bay Kinross facility in Republic, WA. Average grade 2.04 oz (63.45 grams) gold per ton.
Q-3 2009 -LKA crews establish existence of high-grade gold bearing structures 100′ beyond previous bonanza-grade production zone. Over 40 vein samples in this area yield average assays of 16.92 oz gold per ton.
Q-2 2009 -First bulk ore sample of 88 dry weight toms shipped to Teck-Cominco’s smelter in Trail, B.C. Average grade 3.85 ounces (120 grams) per ton.

LKA Gold News

February 8, 2018 in News

LKA Receives History Colorado 2018 Historic Preservation Award

GIG HARBOR, Wash., Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — LKA Gold Incorporated (OTCQB: LKAI) reports that it is one of eight private and public entities to receive History Colorado’s 2018 State Historic Preservation…

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January 29, 2018 in News

LKA Insiders Continue to Accumulate Shares

Koski family members purchase LKA shares in open market transactions. Gig Harbor, WA–LKA Gold Incorporated (OTCQB:LKAI) reports that certain members of the Koski family informed the Company of open market…

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November 9, 2017 in News

Project Geologist Reports Multiple Structures Remain Untested After Kinross Drilling Program

Some of the most promising targets identified by Kinross exploration program remain unexamined. Follow up drilling strongly recommended.  GIG HARBOR, Wash., Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LKA Gold Incorporated (OTCQB:LKAI) reports…

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September 28, 2017 in News

Kinross Terminates Golden Wonder Exploration Program

GIG HARBOR, Wash., Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LKA Gold Incorporated (OTCQB: LKAI) reports that Kinross has informed the Company of its decision to terminate its exploration program at LKA’s…

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Kye Abraham, President & Chairman

President’s Email Messages

January 29, 2018 in President's Email Archive

A Bit Puzzled But Very Optimistic After Kinross’s Withdrawal

We’re still a bit puzzled as to why many of the best targets that were identified by the surface evaluation program were left undrilled by Kinross. A couple of the…

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March 10, 2017 in President's Email Archive

“The Greatest Treasure Hunt in the West?” Perhaps.

As we've discussed in recent press releases, through extensive surface work on LKA mining claims, Kinross geologists identified multiple, potential ore zones...actually six of them..not just the four sites slated for... Read More
April 16, 2016 in President's Email Archive

Why a 150,000 oz Golden Wonder discovery beats anyone’s else’s 1.5 million ounce deposit.

I get asked all the time why I’m so enthused about the prospects of finding another high-grade ore shoot of a mere 150,000 ounces, like our first one, vs. a…

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